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Watching Ally's gift for writing grow has been a joy.  She can write anything brilliantly, from a business brochure to a screenplay or children's story and they will be equally fascinating and beautiful.  I've seen her write amazing short stories in a half-hour; it comes that quickly and naturally to her.  Her poetry moves me to tears and she is at once witty, truthful and spiritual in her expressions.   
-Susan M.
Ally is the most innovative, gifted writer I have encountered in a long time.  She has the ability to write poetically, succinctly and in multiple layers on any topic and make it captivating and provocative.  Ally's ability to convey meaning and move souls through the written word is truly astounding and I love her clever articles!
-Robert F.




Parenthetical Dance
Asleep within a dream awake
I remember you in the hollows of my mind
A squishy cell fragmented tissue of a chamber of my heart
Stretching the ethers in recognition of new light
What was never erected, resurrected or ejected
Death percolates like Sanka on a Sunday morn
Itching to get out of the can
Wrap you in its pungent aroma
Drink from you that last sweet sip
Savored for the full-bodied life it loved
Little to do little to know and so much to let go

I close my pen on another day, the ink bleeds red down pages bled

Hapless wandering in the aftermath of whispering shadows
Setting the spotlight on anything to illuminate and push us further into the dark
Whatever it takes to feel safe at night when we lock the doors and the real monster roars
Your breath aches below my ear in ethereal remembrance
This nomad in roam has finally found a home
To stand in sweet surrender like strawberries in sands full of glass




Staring up ahead at the great peak that almost touched the sky; my mind began to wander to what brought me here and what would be waiting for me there.  Tightening the grip on the small satchel in my hand, I put one foot in front of the other and headed toward my destiny.  The weather was a bit cooler in India’s summer than I had anticipated, or maybe it was just that I was getting higher in elevation toward the mountain.  My feet were moving faster than I thought they could, finally catching up to my mind.  As I watched the gravel and grass sink beneath my shoes, memories of my childhood returned... 

Screenplay Synopses:

Cancer of the Cheshire Cat
An exploration of the generational, destructive and restorative powers of art and love from five couple's viewpoints and unique life circumstances, across five eras; examining this family's creative passion and dysfunction that originates in the East and sets in the West.

Power of Allegiance
A plot to kill the first female president of the United States is discovered by an ambitious journalist and her undercover FBI agent/cameraman who must save the fate of a nation, and their burgeoning romance, while concealing their own entangled secrets.

Hangnail Moon
Destiny gives two New York strangers a second chance at life and love when their lives are destroyed and rebuilt, putting their paths on a collision course and revealing a tragic connection from their past.

An emotionally depleted toll booth operator pays a high price to come to terms with love and sacrifice when he meets an ambitious beauty with a penchant for destruction and a plan for a monetary heist.

Second Glances
A divorced couple turns to on line dating, only to find more chaos and heartbreak when their new romoantic partners turn out to be related, keeping them unwittingly tied to one another and forcing them to take a second look at what they left behind.

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