ENERGY HEALING: The rainbow of life within you

Restoring your Energy Blueprint to its optimum level of vibrational functioning through Chakra Balancing and centered thought frees you to create the life you want to live and helps remove the obstacles, or dis-ease, blocking your greatest good.  Re-discover the rainbow of life within you!


I am an intuitive healer and holistic counselor/life coach with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology.  I help guide you back to your ability to trust and follow your own intuition, heal your life and create your optimum joy, health and  prosperity.  I do this through intuitive readings, counseling and Chakra Balancing-using energetic vibrational healing through color.  I believe in the infinite power of the mind/body/spirit connection to create and heal all things and am an avid supporter, and practitioner, of the creative arts (my published poetry can be found in an edition of the Norton Anthology).


We each have an energy field (Energy Blueprint) around us that reflects our well-being and retains the blueprint for our optimum level of  functioning.  This blueprint is comprised of several energetic layers that vibrate at frequencies correlated with the functioning and frequencies of our Chakras.  When we are mentally, emotionally or spiritually imbalanced we disrupt our Energy Blueprint and must restore its frequency through various means of energy healing to raise our vibration.


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Feel free to Email me with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment. Located in Palm Springs, CA.  Phone sessions also available.


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